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Professional Services

We quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically acquiring skills and cost-effectively managing available resources. Success in any IT outsourcing strategy depends on choosing the right partner that will best meet your IT skill, resource and deliverable goals.

Vigna Inc.through quality-focused recruiting, hiring and training provides the right people with the right skills whenever and wherever they are needed.

Vigna Inc first service offering is called "Evento".

The service was positioned as a compliment to online Google search services. It offered a way to extend search of wedding/party halls related vendors’ details by click of button by input of City/Town name or particular vendor name (if known). To use the service a customer would first establish an account with Vigna Inc through its web site or mobile App using their Facebook ID or Email ID or WhatsApp number

Vigna’s success is based on its culture of working collaboratively with clients,
and alliance with the world’s best technology leaders.

Consulting Services

We believe that in-depth understanding of latest technologies and their effective application to challenging business needs/situations is the key to achieving competitive advantage in today’s market place. Vigna Inc makes the professional difference in providing consulting services by keeping abreast of the latest technological skills and techniques. Our consultants have specialized in DBMS solutions, development of Decision Support Systems, Client/Server Systems and Web applications for major corporations and organizations in US.

Direct Hiring Services

With our extended experience in consulting business, we understand the intricacies and difficulties in Direct Hiring. Finding a loyal & right candidate at the right time is the most difficult task of a HR professional. That is the reason we step in to find the right candidate for the right company at the right time.
Our experienced recruiters are ready to help in sourcing, selection andscreening of the candidates to ensure right fit to your requirement. We probe into their expertise and research them thoroughly before submitting the candidates for your review. This helps in reducing your stress levels in finding right candidates and increase the productivity of your existing staff.

Our experience and expertise will save you the hard work.

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